Brough Superior

Brough Superior motorcycles operate under one goal, excellence.
From our Toulouse-based factory our small passionate team of engineer’s design, manufacture and build our motorcycles without short cut or compromise. Each motorcycle is hand built by just two men; the first builds the engine with precision machined components assemble in our state of the art engine clean room, time is not a consideration only quality of the finished article.
The power unit is then passes over to our master technician who mates the engine into the frame and completes the final assembly process bring to life the world’s most exclusive and charismatic retro superbike.

Fully assembled start to finished by two men whom even take the time to sign each bike.

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Brough Superior Belt Buckle

Brough Superior Belt Buckle 100mm x 60mm..

Brough Superior Lapel Badge Black and Silver

Brough Superior Enamel Lapel Badge in Black and Silver 36mm x 15mm..

Brough Superior Lapel Badge Blk/Gold

Brough Superior Enamel Lapel Badge 44mm x 35mm..

Brough Superior Leather Key Fob

Brough Superior leather key fob with enamel Logo..

Brough Superior Metal Key Fob

Brough Superior Metal Key Fob Enamel Brough Superior Key fob 44mm x 34mm..
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