Mid/Short Footwear
Short boots have a very distinct use and appeal for riders as they are the perfect choice to wear with a range of styles of riding trousers/ jeans. Offered both as waterproof and non-waterproof boots, styles vary from work/rigger boots, to paddock boots, short sports boots and to trainer-style options.

Most short boots are more comfortable to wear when walking as they are not as restrictive at the ankle as a longer boot.

And finally, the price range of quality short boots is within the budget of most riders. Investing in foot and ankle protection is never a bad decision!

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Duchinni Europa Boots Black 41

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Europa is the perfect touring boot for your next ad..

RST Frontier CE Mens Boot

RST Frontier CE Mens Boot Black/Red This sneaker style boot has a flatter sole which is easier t..

RST Ladies Urban II boot

RST Urban II CE Ladies Boot The ideal ladies casual / urban boot when riding a motorbike. These Sh..

RST Stunt-X Ladies Waterproof Boot

RST Stunt-X CE Ladies Waterproof Boot The Stunt-X may be short, but it has all the hallmarks of ..

RST Stunt-X Mens Waterproof Boot

  RST Stunt-X CE Mens Waterproof Boot The Stunt-X may be short, but it has all the ..

RST Tractech Evo III Short CE Mens Waterproof Boot

This boot is designed for comfort and safety even in the wettest conditions. The enlarged toe box o..

RST Urban II CE Mens Boot

The Urban II is that comfy it really can be worn all day long (and that includes the ride to and fro..

Sidi Meta Shoes Black

Suede leather construction High visibility reflex PU inserts Special shaped collar area for grea..

Sidi Mid Adventure CE Gore Boot Black

Full grain microfibre and suede construction Waterproof Gore-Tex breathable membrane Non-slip ru..
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