ACF-50 Ant-Corrosion Spray 400ml

ACF-50 Ant-Corrosion Spray 400ml


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ACF-50 Ant-Corrosion Spray 400ml

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  • ACF50 Anti Corrosion Spray 400ml.
  • Pressurised aerosol can with straw.
  • Proven chemistry for power sports.
  • Forms an active ultra thin protective layer that kills existing corrosion cells and will protect your bike against new corrosion forming.
  • Kills existing corrosion cells and protects against new corrosion forming.
  • Active meaning it keeps on working and doesnt need reapplying after every wash.
  • Contains no water, silicon, Teflon or wax so no sticky build up!
  • Safe for use on electronics.
  • Chemically neutralises road salt.
  • Dries out moisture.
  • Safe on all components including electronics, chrome, paint and plastic.
  • Originally designed to protect aircraft from corrosion, ACF50 is now available to motorcyclists.
  • Meets rigorously high aviation standards and has been approved for ferrous and non ferrous metals, electrical systems and electronic components.
  • The US Navy carried out tests and now use ACF on their jets and Aircraft Carriers!
  • ACF50 can be sprayed on, wiped on with a rag, or professionally fogged for complete protection.


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